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Success Stories 

Donations and our services help so much to get horses healthy. 


Moon pie came in from animal abuse. She was skin and bones. She was colicing and hard to keep standing. She was also pregnant at this time poor baby. She fought and survived and had a healthy baby foal. 

Later trained and used for barrel racing. 

Sweet Thor was a horrible animal abuse case. He was with three dead horses when we found him. He is happy, fat and adopted. 



This poor sweet girl was abused by her owners. She ran away and was found running through peoples yards. She was hard to trust people at first. She finally trusted us for training. Shes happily adopted. 


This sweet girl was neglected by her owners. Other horses were able to beat on her and not let her eat. With tender loving care and our great grain program, she flourished.

Not only gaining in weight but in size. 

Adopted to family 


This little girl was unknowingly abused by her owners. They had no horse knowledge had to tight of a halter on her face for a long time. We are a place free of judgement please if you need help, just ask we are here. 

She is doing so well and adopted. 

Trained with cart by Volunteer. Volunteers make the difference in these horses life. 


This poor guy came from a bad abuse case. His stall mate had died and there were dogs eating it. It took him alot time to trust people and he still doesnt like dogs. He had a long battle but he is doing amazing in his new home. They use him to compete at barrels and he does so awesome for his rider so happy and proud of them both! 


This poor girl came in from a horrible abuse case. She was skin and bones barley able to get around. With a little TLC and a lot of watchful care she got strong and healthy again. 

These stories couldn't be possible with out donations. 
All our services our proceeds go to our horses. 
**Pharm-Aloe is one of the great grains we use. Head over to merchandise and purchase for your four legged loved one. **


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